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Is your phone crying for attention, Reach us for express repair !

Multi-Brand Mobile Repair Center In Chennai

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We are No:1, Gadget Care Center.

BIGFIX E-CARE, is a leader in providing cost-efficient repair solutions for computer laptops, desktops, tablets & mobile phones.

We provide out warranty support through Pick-Up, In-Store and On-site service delivery models. We at Big Fix believe that there is no better testament to the true quality, than the positive feed back of satisfied customers. Our computer service processes, ensure most repairs are completed within 48 hours, whilst maintaining the manufacturer’s original feel and functionality.

We provide best customer service

Express Service

You can walk-in to our center Mon. - Sat. 10am to 7pm IST, check your device. Our friendly customer support executives will guide you in inspection, submission and delivery of the device.

Fastest Turn-Around Time

We provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We take only 30 minutes at our walk-in locations for standard jobs.

Pick-up & Delivery

We provide pickup and delivery services. You can login your request and our executives will collect your device and return it back to you after repair.

Online E-care Portal

We provide a fully featured e-care portal to book and track your call. You can also add all your devices and subscribe to our protection package.

24x7 Customer Support

You the customer are the most important aspect of our business. Our friendly customer support executives are well trained to provide front desk, telephonic and chat support. Rest assured your satisfaction is our priority.


You get the best price and can avail our range payment options. You can pay by cash, card and also use our online payment gateways. You also get 5-10% discount on bills based on your subscription plan.