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We support below list of IBM models
ThinkPad 240 ThinkPad 300T ThinkPad 310E
ThinkPad 315E ThinkPad 340CSE ThinkPad 345CS
ThinkPad 355 ThinkPad 360 ThinkPad 360CS
ThinkPad 360PE ThinkPad 365CD ThinkPad 365E
ThinkPad 365XD ThinkPad 380CE ThinkPad 380D
ThinkPad 380ED ThinkPad 380XD Type 2635-Exx ThinkPad 380Z Type 2635-Bxx
ThinkPad 385D ThinkPad 385XD ThinkPad 390
ThinkPad 450C ThinkPad 510C ThinkPad 550
ThinkPad 560E ThinkPad 570 ThinkPad 600A
ThinkPad 600X ThinkPad 700CS ThinkPad 701CS
ThinkPad 720C ThinkPad 730TE ThinkPad 750CE
ThinkPad 750T ThinkPad 755CD ThinkPad 755CK
ThinkPad 755CV ThinkPad 760CD ThinkPad 760EL
ThinkPad 760LD ThinkPad 760XD ThinkPad 765D
ThinkPad 770D ThinkPad 770X ThinkPad i1300 1171-NMU
ThinkPad i1340 ThinkPad i1391 ThinkPad i1411
ThinkPad i1417 ThinkPad i1421 ThinkPad i1436
ThinkPad i1450 ThinkPad i1454 ThinkPad i1472
ThinkPad i1482 ThinkPad i1541 ThinkPad i1560
ThinkPad i1721 ThinkPad R31 ThinkPad R40E
ThinkPad R50P ThinkPad R60 ThinkPad R60 9457

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  • ✓ Laptop hardware repair : chip level repair by certified engineers.
  • ✓ Laptop parts replacement : LCD, keypad, motherboard, panel, screen, usb port, speakers, mouse, touchpad
  • ✓ Laptop service : Windows boot errors, windows re installation, windows drivers support
  • ✓ Laptop screen repair : repair display problem, lcd repair, lcd replacement, lcd, laptop screen repair.
  • ✓ Laptop motherboard repair : motherboard repair, motherboard replacement, chip level repair, BGA re work
  • ✓ Laptop Virus removal : anti-virus installation, virus removal service
  • ✓ Laptop file and folder sharing : file sharing, networking, access Laptop remotely
  • ✓ Laptop service : laptop out warranty repair services.