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We support below list of Hcl models
AXX2202(AXX2202+GC758) AXX1801(AX0X1801 + GC758) AX9015(AX9015 + GC758)
K2101(AXK2101+GC758) AXP2102(AXP2102 + GC758) AXP2102(AXP2102 + GC758)
P1902W(AXP1902W + DT98) Y2002(AXY2002 + GC758) V2002(AXV2002 +GC758)
S2102(AXS2102 + GC758) S2101(AXS2101 + GC758) L2102(AXL2102+ GC758)

If you ' ve have had serious trouble with your laptop, it is time to give us a call! Bigfix E-Care dedicated team of laptop experts will end all of your worries in no time!


  • ✓ Laptop hardware repair : chip level repair by certified engineers.
  • ✓ Laptop parts replacement : LCD, keypad, motherboard, panel, screen, usb port, speakers, mouse, touchpad
  • ✓ Laptop service : Windows boot errors, windows re installation, windows drivers support
  • ✓ Laptop screen repair : repair display problem, lcd repair, lcd replacement, lcd, laptop screen repair.
  • ✓ Laptop motherboard repair : motherboard repair, motherboard replacement, chip level repair, BGA re work
  • ✓ Laptop Virus removal : anti-virus installation, virus removal service
  • ✓ Laptop file and folder sharing : file sharing, networking, access Laptop remotely
  • ✓ Laptop service : laptop out warranty repair services.