Gaming Console Repair


Gaming Console Repair

(Most Common Problems)
Gaming Console repair center
Gaming Console repair center
  • Gaming Console doesnot turn on at all.
  • Screen is blank.
  • Gaming Console turns on and off repeatedly.
  • Gaming Console makes noise while running.
  • Gaming Console shuts down or freezes.
  • Damaged HDMI port and faulty HDMI cables.
  • Blinking red or blue indicator light.
  • Strange or garbled image on the screen.
  • Some joystick keys stopped working.
  • Damaged DualShock 4 analog sticks.
  • Running out of storage space.
  • Gaming Console internet connectivity problems.
  • Liquid spill.

Brands We Handle

We are a professional multibrand out-of-warranty gadget care centre.

We handle all major Desktop brands including Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and more.