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We support below list of apple models
iPhone 5s iPhone 5c iPhone
iPhone 4s iPhone 4 iPhone 4 CDMA
iPhone 3GS iPhone 3G iPad mini Wi-Fi
iPad Air iPad mini 2 iPhone 5
Iphone 4g Iphone 5g Iphone 6g
Iphone 6 plus Iphone 5g back Iphone 6g back
iPhone SE iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6s
iPhone 3GS iPhone 3G iPhone 5g back
iPhone 6g plus iPhone 6 iPhone 6g back

Being a pioneer in mobile phone repair business, we’ve come to understand some of the most common issues affecting electronics such as phones. Some of the most common issues we encounter are a follows:

  • ✓ Cracked Glass on your Mobile Phone.
  • ✓ Home Button Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Power Button Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Water Damaged Phone Repair
  • ✓ USB Port Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Speaker Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Memory Card Reader Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Mobile Phone Keyboard Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Mobile Phone Battery Replacement & Repair