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We support below list of HTC models
Desire 628 Dual Desire 620G Desire 828 Dual
Desire 826 One X9 HTC 10
Desire 626 Dual Desire 630 Desire 626G Plus
Desire 728 Dual One ME Dual One M9 plus
Desire 820G+ Dual Desire 820 One E9+
Desire 825 Desire 830 Desire 816
One A9 One M9 Plus Prime Camera Desire 626
One M8 Desire 728G Dual One E9S
Desire 526G Plus Desire 820S Dual Desire Eye
Desire 326G Dual Desire 826X One E8
Desire 616 Desire 816G Desire 516
One M8 Eye Desire 510 Desire 820Q
HTC 10 Lifestyle One Max Desire U
Desire 210 Dual One Dual Desire 500
Desire 816G (2015) Desire 310 Incredible S
Velocity 4G Desire 501 Explorer
One S Desire C Desire 310 1GB RAM

Being a pioneer in mobile phone repair business, we’ve come to understand some of the most common issues affecting electronics such as phones. Some of the most common issues we encounter are a follows:

  • ✓ Cracked Glass on your Mobile Phone.
  • ✓ Home Button Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Power Button Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Water Damaged Phone Repair
  • ✓ USB Port Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Speaker Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Memory Card Reader Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Mobile Phone Keyboard Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Mobile Phone Battery Replacement & Repair